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Remember the wheat farm and the love plain between the stalk of the wheats…
Remember the bright days in the past days in the sunrise at the end of the road which horizon makes your eyes laugh.

About Me

My name is hosein hoseini, I was born in february 6th 1992 garmsar,iran And i live in tehran My father was a photographer in iran and iraq’s war so i growed up with photos of soldiers and my toys were cameras!
In the age of 14 i started working in my sister’s studio and i got lots of experince taking photos editing photos there. after that i started studying graphics at university and that helped me to be more creative in my career and taught me alot of new stuff about my job But now i’m studying directing i also have an international certificated in photography And i’m also honored to say that i worked with alot of professional persian brands and alot of professional models

My sister remember the dance of your hands in the blue sky and the dance of your hair in the wind.remember the loud laughs in way that awaken the asleeps and silent people
People who are asleep in the dark shadow of night for years..

Remember smile and take your hat off to respect love and in the memory of freedomTake my hands i want us to run and awaken existence soul in our bodies ..
We are s soul in two bodies Stand next to me